The Details!

This event will be nothing we've done in the past!

  1. All Skill levels are welcome
  2. Large player cap per team. hoping around 8 per team
  3. your whole team will be in coms when playing. Go ahead and coach, cheer, help out whatever you like!
  4. Four teams were hoping. matches will be a best of seven 3 game round robin then a playoff.
    Games will be happening simultaneously as we likely wont be streaming.

How do we have so many players per team??

Players will be assigned a certain number of games per match that they can be on the field based on rank.
Each team will have a team Captain and an Asst Captain. Before each round there will be a 5-10 min max bathroom and drink break during which captains will submit to the tournament MC PREMADE LINEUPS for each game in the match. They will have to be selective knowing players can play in only so many games and do their best to strategize when to play certain players. Here is the kicker!!.....THE LINEUPS ARE SECRET Meaning, you have no idea who the other team will be putting on the field that game. Gonna make for some fun laughs and a great day!

As were not streaming and there is limited down time this is gonna move fast! Its a rocket League crunch...that's why its PHOENIX FURY!

As we are hoping to pull back alumni and get people from many servers this will be help on a Dedicated Phoenix Fury discord server that all players will be given access to and then removed end of day.

If you have questions let Phoenix know he is happy to answer. Sign up and join in on the fun!

The Teams

Qualifier #3 - Season 6

The Teams

Qualifier #2

Phoenix Fury

rocket lads

Get hyped!

More details to be released soon!