Welcome to our Highlight & Coach's Corner Video section!

Here you can revisit some of the epic goals, saves, and fails that happened through out the past Seasons of Rocket Lads Esports!

Big thanks to all of the Rocket Lads crew that make these videos possible!


Welcome to Coach's Corner

Our very own Grand Champion Coach Joshola! Join him as he dive into Rocket League Replay Analysis, Rocket Lads Season match break downs, and general Rocket League game play tips and tricks, covering basic to advanced Rocket League movements, rotations and more!

Episode 1 | Breaking down Krow's Gameplay

In this Episode Coach Josh picks apart his Rocket Lads Season 2 teammates Rocket League replays, providing all of us some great takeaways on what to / not to do!

Episode 2 | Breaking down Nias's Gameplay

In Episode 2 Coach Josh dives into a new comer to the Rocket Lads scene with Unseen aka Nias.
Once again he shows us how to improve and be a better teammate in Rocket League!

Episode 3 | RLads Season 2 Wildcard Match Analysis

In Episode 2 of Coach's Corner Joshola reviews the Round Robin play of both teams, and provides his thoughts on how the Wildcard games will unfold.

Episode 4 | RLads Season 2 Playoffs Analysis

Coach Josh reviews the 8 teams who qualified for the Rocket Lads Season 2 plays offs!

Episode 5 | Polarbear's 2v2 Replay Analysis

In Episode 5 Coach Josh goes does another Rocket League replay analysis, and breaks things down into 3 specific areas we can look at to improve as players!

Episode 6 | RLads Season 2 Grand Finals Analysis

Get Hyped for the Season 2 Finals as Coach Josh breaks down both teams, and the path they took to get to the Grand Finals, and what each team needs to do to take home the Season 2 trophy!

Coach's Corner Presents: New Series Mastering the Basics!

We're excited to bring you this new series, teaching you the basics of Rocket League!
Joshola will be covering basic to Advance Rocket League movements and rotations.
Helping you grind your rank from Brozne to Grand Champion!

Episode 7 | Mastering Half Flips

In the first 'Mastering the Basics' Series, Coach Josh teachs us half flips. 
What are they? How do you do them? Why do you want to do them? 
Watch this video to get good at Rocket League!!