7.0 Class Guides

It can be difficult to find up to date Combat Style (Advanced Classes) guides for SWTOR.
We've complied a complete collection of all SWTOR 7.0 Class Guides for PvE & PvP for the Legacy of the Sith Expansion.
SWTOR 7.0 Guides, from Vullk, Swtoria, Mark Biggs, Merlyn! 

All Credit goes to the Authors and hosts of these guides. 
Huge thanks to  Vullk, SwtoristaMerlyn, Mark BiggsDulfy, MMOBits & guide authors for all their hard work!

Class Guides

by Mark Biggs

Mark Biggs is a turbo nerd for Star Wars: The Old Republic and that sshould make you excited!
His video guides are top notch. He covers just about every class in depth for both PVE and PVP content.

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