SWTOR Operations are instanced group content made for 8 or 16 players.
The Operations aka Raids test the might and ability of each player in the raid!
Operations have 3 levels of difficulity: Story > Veteran (aka Hard Mode) > Master (aka Nightmare Mode |
Below are all of the boss clear videos from our history of raiding in SWTOR.

Our mission is to complete each SWTOR Operation on all 3 difficulity levels, Story Mode, Hard (Veteran) Mode and Nightmare (Master Mode). 
Below you will find VODs of our current progress!

Scum and Villainy

In Progress

Updated on Dec 20 2021





DASH'roode | Nightmare mode

titan 6 | nightmare mode

Thrasher | nightmare mode

operations chief | nightmare mode

olok the shadow | nightmare mode

cartel warlords | nightmare mode

Lord styrak | nightmare mode