A long time ago in a galaxy not, to far away....

Our legacy in Star Wars: The Old Republic began in 2011 on Davik's Estate Server. Over 20 of our IRL friends started playing the game. 
Our focus has always on Raiding and Group content.

In 2020 a number of us came back to SWTOR, with the goal to clear all SWTOR Operations (Raids) in order of release, and each difficulty.
We run a wipe counter for each boss.

As of September 2021 we have cleared all Story Mode and Hard Mode Operations in the game and are now into Nightmare mode content!
In Dec 2022 we've decided to take a little break from the game, we will be back.

We're on a break from SWTOR 🙁

Sunday & Monday at 8pm EST will resume at a future date!

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Operations

SWTOR Operations are group content made for 8. They test players awareness, skill and ability. 
They have three levels of difficulity: Story Mode > Veteran Mode / Hard Mode > Veteran Mode / Nightmare Mode.

View our SWTOR Operation Progression below