Hello & Welcome!
Our Goal
is to provide new and lower tier AFPS players a structured environment  for competitive play that promotes Community & Player Improvement.

If you get totally demonished in the Challenger / Higher Tier cailber Tournaments, the DBL might be a good place for you to get started.

Our History I started this with Quake Champions, while waiting to see how Diabotical would turn out. Focused on Players in Rank Gold and below in the North America Region for Quake Champions.

Why? I decided to create this Community for a couple of reasons.
AFPS is hard to get into for new players, much like getting into Street Fighter.

I find it can be hard to learn a game when you get destroyed -1 to 20 every match. So I wanted to find more people around my skill level.
I also like organized online events.

There were great online events for Challenger & Higher Skill, but nothing for the large crowd of players in the Bronze to Gold skill level.

So I decided to do something about it, we've had 2 successful events in QC and have a schedule of Diabotical events for the Beta weekends.

The Future Currently I am running everything myself. I have learnt alot so far. I'd love to be able to have some sort of prizes for tournament winners. So im currently researching ways to possibly make that happen.

Also looking for anyone that would like to help out with Discord, organizing or casting events.

Diabotical Beta Cups!

Every Beta Weekend we will be hosting 1v1 Duel Cups
Sundays @ 2pm EST

Double Elmination Bracket
(With no ranked mode we have no way to limiting things to specific skill levels, so for now its open to all)

Click below to Sign up!


  • For NA Region
  • Starts @ 2pm EST 
  • Double Elmin Bracket
  • 16 Players - NA Only
  • Game Mode: Duel