Welcome to the QBL!
This is a League designed for Players in Rank Gold and below in the North America Region.

The goal of QBL is to provide lower tier players a structured and competitive environment to learn and grow in!

Season 1 will be played out from Oct 1st to Nov 24th.

This schedule requires you to play two opponents per week. Which works out to playing 6 maps per week. 

Players are responsible to contact their opponent and schedule a time to play their matches each week. And Winners are responsible for submitting match results.

League Structure

Season 1 consists of two stages.
Round Robin, where each player will play 3 maps vs all other players.

Play Offs, Points generated from the Round Robin matches will seed players into the Play Offs.

Do you want to see a QBL Season 2? Join Discord and let us know!!


  • Rounds 1 & 2
  • Play all 3 maps
  • Awoken, Vale of Pnath, Molten Falls

The Players

Round Robin